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Application Version Size Download  
USBPDTest Standalone test application 1.1.1002 139KB When used with a PassMark USB Power Delivery Test device it allows Test the power delivery capability of USB ports and USB chargers tested.[More details] Download usb power delivery test application

PassMark USB Power Delivery Firmware

Current Firmware Version Size Download  
USB PassMark USB Power Delivery Firmware + Updater tool 1.6 130KB Firmware package plus updater tool. When used with a PassMark USB Power Delivery it allows the user to update the device firmware to the latest release version. Download USBPDTester firmware update

PassMark USB Power Delivery Device Driver

Device Drivers
USB Power Delivery device driver 32 and 64-bit
2.12.28 2.18MB Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Device drivers required for the PassMark USB USB Power Delivery. Compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10. Download Device drivers in Zip format

PassMark USB Power Delivery Documentation

Users Guide
USB Power Delivery Users Guide 1.0 946KB Users guide for the PassMark USB Power Delivery Tester Device. Download How to install and use your USB Power Delivery Tester
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