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Which Edition of BurnInTest Should I Use?

Which edition of BurnInTest best suits your needs?
Compare the features between BurnInTest Standard, BurnInTest Professional and BurnInTest for Linux below.

Standard Professional Bootable For Linux
Test your single, multiple and multi-core CPUs Y Y Y Y
Test your Hard, Solid State and Flash Disk Drives Y Y Y Y
Support for RAW (unpartitioned) Disk Testing N Y Y Y
Test your RAM Y Y Y Y
Test your CD, DVD and Blu-Ray Drives Y Y Y Y
Test your Network Y Y Y Y
Test your Video Cards and 2D/3D Graphics1 Y Y Y Y
Test your Sound Cards2 Y Y Y Y
Detailed System Information Reporting Y Y Y Y
Test Logging and Reporting Y Y Y Y
Test Scripting and Automation Y Y Y Y
Support for 32-bit Windows Platforms3 Y Y N N
Support for 64-bit Windows Platforms3 Y Y N N
Support for Linux Platforms (64-bit only)4 N N Y Y
Supports PassMark Plug-In Tests5 N Y N N
Supports User-Written Plug-In Tests N Y Y Y
Support for Serial Port Loopback Testing6 N Y Y Y
Support for Parallel Port Loopback Testing6 N Y Y Y
Support for USB Port Loopback Testing6 N Y Y Y
Support for Tape Drive Testing N Y N N
Support for Microphone Testing N Y N N
Support for Battery Testing N Y N N
Support for Webcam Testing N Y N N
CPU Affinity Selection7 N Y N N
Advanced RAM Testing8 N Y N N
Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) Testing for Monitors9 N Y N N
Advanced Testing Preferences10 N Y N/A N/A
Temperature Monitoring N Y N N
Test your Video Cards GPGPU Y Y N Y
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See below11 US$89.00
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1 Only BurnInTest Professional has support for changing the 2D and 3D test preferences (number of windows, window placement and window size etc).

2 From Version 3.1 build 1001 in BurnInTest For Linux

3 Both BurnInTest Standard and Professional are available in 32-bit and native 64-bit editions. When you purchase the 32-bit edition, you get the 64-bit edition for free. The same license key works in both the 32bit and 64bit packages.

4 BurnInTest For Linux supports Linux Kernel 3.1 or higher, Qt 5.6.1 or higher, 64bit.

5 PassMark Software has produced Plug-In Tests for Touch screens, Keyboards and Dial-Up Modems. Additional software required.

6 Loopback Plugs are required for these tests. For more info, please see our pages about Serial and Parallel Loopback Plugs and USB 2.0 Loopback Plugs. For the bootable edition USB 3.0 Loopback Plugs can be used but only on USB2 ports are there is no native USB3 support in Windows 7 which the bootable version is based on.

7 CPU Affinity Selection allows you to target your testing to a single CPU. This is useful when testing systems with multiple or multi-core CPUs.

8 Advanced RAM testing has page locking and allows testing beyond the 4GB RAM barrier up to 64GB in 32-bit Windows XP and later. The 64bit versions of BurnInTest Linux and Windows are able to access more than 4GB of RAM by design.

9 BurnInTest Professional offers a scrolling 'H' test for Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) testing to the ANSI standard C63.4-1992.

10 Additional testing preferences for the Network Test and 2D/3D Graphics Tests are available in BurnInTest Professional.

11 The current bootable version of BurnInTest uses a Linux environment (Porteus 3)  and has the same capabilities as the normal Linux version. This version is only available by purchasing the PassMark Software PC Test Kit or the Bootable USB Flash Drive.

When BurnInTest is used in a self boot configuration with Microsoft WinPE, some tests are not available by default as some device drivers are not installed. BurnInTest Bootable Professional is only available by:

  1. Purchasing the PassMark Software PC Test Kit which was using the bootable UFD version 3 and older.
  2. Purchasing BurnInTest Professional and following our documentation on using BurnInTest with no Operating System installed.
  3. Purchasing BurnInTest Professional and using our PassMark WinPE Builder.


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