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PassMark PCI POST Card Pro plus User Manual

Designed and Engineered in Germany, Highest Quality PCI POST Diagnostics Card

The PCI Post Card Pro has been discontinued and is no longer available.

For a more up to date test card, please see our PCIe Test Card.

Designed and manufactured in Germany with the highest quality components, PCI POST Card Pro is the professional's solution for instant, safe and accurate diagnosis of problems during a computer's boot and Power On Self Test (P.O.S.T.) process.

This first-rate diagnostics card is designed for extended reusability and longevity – making it a must for service professionals, technicians, computer experts and enthusiasts. The card's relative ease of use and quality features make it a worthwhile addition to any computer diagnostics toolset.

The following high quality features are exclusive to the PCI POST Card Pro:

POST Code Collection Software

POST Code Collection

Every customer who purchases the PCI Post Card Pro will also receive the POST Code Collection Software at no extra cost.

The POST Code Collection is a standalone, searchable and printable database of everything POST related for most BIOS and motherboard models. No more searching in obscure places for error codes, motherboard beep codes or error documentation - this free utility saves you time by having all POST information in one place.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions of screenshots from the POST Code Collection (v2.61e):

POST Code Collection Software - Main Screen
POST Code Collection Software - BIOS Code Dictionary
POST Code Collection Software - Beepcodes for AMI WINBIOS

POST Code Collection - Main Screen

BIOS Error Code Dictionary

Beepcodes for AMI WINBIOS

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