PerformanceTest Mac Download


Fast, easy to use, system speed testing and benchmarking. PassMark PerformanceTest™ for Mac allows you to objectively benchmark you Apple Mac using a variety of different speed tests and compare the results to others.

  • With support for both Intel based and new Apple Silicon devices.
  • Compare the performance of your device to other devices online at (coming soon)
  • Compare CPU performance with our existing database of CPU's. Tests results are comparable cross platform with the Windows version.
  • The full suite of CPU tests from our Windows version is now available for free on macOS.

    CPU Test Suite
  • Integer Maths Test
  • Floating Point Maths Test
  • Finding Prime Number Tests
  • Sorting Test
  • Encryption Test
  • Compression Test
  • Physics Simulation Test
  • Extended Instructions Test (SSE, AVX, AVX512, FMA, NEON) (Depending whether x86 or ARM)
  • CPU Mark: an aggregate mark to easily compare overall CPU perfromance between systems.


  • How to run PerformanceTest the first time?
    The first time you run "pt_mac" you will see a warning

    1. ctrl (or right) click on "pt_mac" and select "open"
    2. Click open on the message that appears

  • How to launch PerformanceTest from the command line?
    1. Open a new terminal window.
    2. Change your working directory by typing "cd path_to_performance_test_folder".
    3. Run the program by typing "./pt_mac"

  • Changing Number of Test Processes, Duration, and Iterations
    Advanced users can manually change the Number of Test Processes, Test Duration, and Number of Test Iterations using command line arguements

    -p [1-256] Number of Test Processes to run. Setting more test threads than your system supports will force test duration to Very Long.

    -i [1-100] Number of Test Iterations to run

    -d [1-4] [Short, Medium, Long, Very Long]

    e.g. Run PerformanceTest using "./pt_mac -p 4 -i 5 -d 2"